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Elite Brand Identity

The last piece your brand needs to sell more at higher price

Brand manual included

Done in 1 week

You have to do it only once, upgrade your brand identity.

Have a strong brand identity that is just timeless and memorable.

Customers are often willing to pay more for a brand they trust and perceive as high-quality. Sell more, sell at premium prices.

Foster customer loyalty. When customers have a positive and consistent experience with a brand, they are more likely to become repeat buyers.

Authenticity means being true to the brand’s values, mission, and personality. Being unique in the market will put you out in the eyes of your customers.

A new vision, a new direction, a new look.

A brand without an identity is just a pretty icon.

Upgrade Design is your partner when it comes to scaling your business.

More than just a Logo

We believe that a logo and a brand identity are two different things. Yes, you need a logo, that looks pretty and everything but we strongly believe a brand needs an identity

Made in-house

We don’t use autogenerated logos or generic icon to build them. Only made by senior designers, based on a research and brand strategy.

100% Yours

All the copyrights are yours, you own everything we made for you. We check if the logo was made before and you can register the brand to protect it.

A unique experience.

Elite Benefits

We offer a full experience for you and your brand.

Multiple Versions

You get everything done on your website, and i mean every little thing.


We start by finding all the necessary information about your brand.

Pay at the end

No need to pay upfront. We work for you and then we get paid.


Is hard to find the perfect fit from the first try so we will revise the first version 3 times.

Brand Manual

Your brand will have a 10+ pages of a specific manual on how to use it.

Fast Delivery

We have a 1 week process for your brand transformation.

Social media kit

A comprehensive social media package, including profile picture, cover photos, and templates.

Packaging design

If you have a product we will make a brand new package design for it.

Logo animation

Unleash the power of animation and watch your brand identity come to life like never before!

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Our most recent projects.

We find solutions for your business design needs.

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Let’s get to the good part. What you get?

Everything your brand needs

Logo, Brand Manual and an identity.


Colour pallet

Fonts combination



Brand Manual

Profile Picture

Posts Template

Facebook Cover

Linkedin Cover

Instagram Icons

White Version

Black Version

Colored version

3 Variants

3 Proposals

100 printed Business Cards

Packaging design

Custom Animation

Intro / Outro Video


Concept Design

Vector Format

JPG Format

PNG with transparent background


Email Signatures

3D Render of the logo

Brand Naming

And just about anything that your brand needs.

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Become an Elite brand

Stand out from the crowd, new brand identity in just 1 week.

Elite Brand Identity icon in hero section

Elite Brand Identity

If you want to sell more and at a higher price to make more profit.


One-time fee.


In case you have a question you can call us.


Here are some questions and answers for clarification.

Hiring a freelancer is a good choice for starting building a brand. The problem with freelancers is you don’t know if you’ll like the result, if it is reliable and will deliver on time, may be too busy to start working for you, and to allocate enough attention to your project.

We have initial steps into the process to match your desire with our proposals. But, in case none of our proposals are close to what you want, we will analyze why this wasn’t the right direction and come up back to you with new proposals.

We have a clear process to build your branding in just 7 days. Each day you’ll get updates and get engaged in the process.

If you change your mind in the first 2 days, no problem, you get a full refund.

That’s exactly where we prepare your logo to be used, everywhere. On small prints, big prints, color prints, black and white prints, digital, videos, statics, animations, everywhere, and at any size.

A good logo and brand identity in combination with a good product and a good offer, will have a big impact on your customers’ eyes: reputation building, customer retention, perceived value, trust, becoming a fan of your brand, wanting your products/services.

A business that works online can grow much faster and bigger if is associated with a brand, and a logo. People need to make links in their minds, one product with an icon / logo / name / brand. Is like iPhone and Apple. You name one and automatically think of the other.

If you’re investing in promoting your business to get new clients and don’t see results, one of the problems may be the brand’s perceived value. Usually, if you’re selling a medium to expensive product/service. There you need more trust points to check in the customers’ minds. We aim to help you sell more and more expensive by increasing the perceived value of your product or service.

Try it out!

See if this suits your business

Call us and we can analyze together your business needs.

Everything is designed with passion by humans, not AI.