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We commit to upgrade your website into a sports car.

The main points we aim for are the Design, Performance and SEO.

We start the improvement from the design, from the UI to Logo, colors, fonts, images, icons, and everything in between.

The performance is a top priority for every website, we make sure it should loads in 3 seconds max.

We will take care of the SEO good practices, fix every bug, correct all the elements and get a +90/100 score for every metrics.

We are on a mission to change the digital space, one website at a time.

A beautiful website is useless
if it loads in 10 seconds.

Upgrade Design is not just about upgrading the design of your website but running at the highest performance parameters and having a good SEO right from the oven.

Everything is included

Don’t you hate when you need one more thing to get fixed on your website? We take care of all you need and want. If you can name it, we implement it.

Only for Pros

For a premium service, we go all in, We offer a pro license for every plugin we need to boost your website, for the entire year.

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You’re not alone

We won’t let you dive alone after everything is done. We support you, answer all your questions, give you pro tips and tricks, and give you maintenance for 3 months.

We go all in.

PRO benefits

All you in need in one place.

All in one

You get everything done on your website, and i mean every little thing.

Fast Delivery

We have a 4 weeks process for your website transformation.

Pay at the end

No need to pay upfront. We work for you and then we get paid.

10 years experience

We do this for a decade, we saw the internet evolve and we kept track with all the new standards.

Insane Speed

You’ll not have time to blink, your website will load insanely fast.

Results from 1st week

You’ll see improvements in design and performance from the first week.

Responsive on mobile

80% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, is necessary to make sure the website is fully responsive.

Advanced Analytics

We will integrate an advanced analytics system to track your website’s progress.

Logo included

If you don’t have a logo or you present one needs a redesign, we got you covered.

Some of the websites we’ve upgraded.

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Our most recent projects.

We find solutions for your business design needs.

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Let’s get to the good part. What you get?

Everything you need to boost your website.

Design, performance and SEO.


Colour pallet

Fonts combination

User experience (UX)





Stock Images


Call to action

Lead generators


Custom login page

Responsive on Mobile

Floating Navigation

Website graphics




User interface (UI)


Loading animation

Fast contacts

404 page


Hero section

Personalised Landing Pages

AI Chatbot

Exit-intent popup

Multi-language support

Social Media Feed

Background Video Integration

Progress Indicators

Emoji reactions


Page transition

Vehicle wraps

Countdown timer

Animation on scroll

Page Load Speed

Image Optimization

Video edits


Lazy loading

Reduce Redirects

Anual reports

Optimize JS


WebP Images Conversion

WebP Images Conversion

Server Performance

Content Delivery Optimization

Optimize Web Fonts

AMP for Email

Dynamic Loading of Assets

WebP Images Conversion

Monitor Server Response Time

Keyword Research

Title Tags

Meta Descriptions

URL Structure


Quality Content

Keyword Placement

Internal Links

Social Media Integration

XML Sitemap

Canonical Tags

Advanced analytics

Competitors insights

Before and after statistics

Fresh and Updated Content

User Engagement Metrics

Link Anchor Text

Mobile-First Indexing

Niche Keyword Targeting

Local SEO

Non-www URL

Meta Descriptions

Keyword-Optimized Image Filenames

Rich Media Content

And just about anything that can be done to improve your website.

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The Boost your website needs

Your website transformation is one decision away.
Get insane speed, design, and SEO.

Icon Web Development Package Services

Website Total Transformation

If your website is slow, boring and doesn’t get you enough sales.


One-time fee.


In case you have a question you can call us.


Here are some questions and answers for clarification.

The process is similar to creating a new website, but we aim to improve design, speed, and SEO. We can build it from the ground or working on the one you have. The price is the same.

If is related to a website’s design, speed, or SEO, there are no limits. Our purpose is to make a website that performs for your business.

We have a clear process that transforms your website in 4 weeks. The deadline can vary for more complex websites. 

A lot of websites don’t convert enough from 3 major factors:
1- Loads too slow and the clients lose their patience quickly;
2- Bad design and overall user experience with the website. Too many pop-ups, buttons, distractions, steps to buy etc.
3- Bad or no SEO. Not having the minimum requirements from the technical SEO and on-page SEO, Google will not recommend your website.

That’s our main focus, to transform your website and to boost your sales.

If you have at least 1k visitors per month and don’t see an increase in sales, we will analyze the client’s journey, find the problem, and fix it, at no extra charge. The best we can do is to direct the clients to your offer/products. We can’t control the quality of your products, the customer relations, your brand history, and other factors that influence a client’s decision to buy.

In the first 7 days of starting, you get a full refund of the money. 

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See if this suits your business

Call us and we can analyze together your business needs.

Everything is designed with passion by humans, not AI.